Why I love Joy Run and (you should too)


As a self-employed military spouse and mother, it’s difficult to do all the things within a day’s work, much less think about groceries or food. I’ve heard so much great feedback about JoyRun that recently I decided to partner with them, and since then my life has definitely been easier. JoyRun is a very simple-to-use app where you can get anything delivered from food, groceries, coffee, you name it! It’s that simple. Let me explain to you what it is and how it works.


What It Is

JoyRun deliveries are done by people like you, your friends or their friends, making it easier and friendlier and cheaper for you. My “Runner” Julia was a military spouse trying to make extra money for a Disney trip. I love helping each other in the community, and that JoyRun gives Runners the option to share what they’re earning money for so you know what your Run is helping with!

I love the fact that anyone can deliver to you, and that you can choose Runners who are in the military community because JoyRun puts a “dog tag” icon on their avatar. It’s so convenient, especially for those inside the military installation, that a fellow soldier or spouse could be doing the Runs, because you know there won’t be an issue getting into the base as long as they have the proper ID. A fellow Army spouse told me a story about how she was sick with pneumonia and her husband was deployed so she could not get around anywhere since she needed to rest. She ordered groceries and they were delivered to her house inside the base. She was so grateful that she could get her groceries by using JoyRun. I recommend it to all the military families, especially for the times that you have to change duty stations and do not have a car or means to get around. You can have anything delivered to you, as long as JoyRun is in your area. Currently from where I am stationed, JoyRun is available in Fort Hood, TX; Fort Sam Houston in San Antonio, TX; Lackland AFB in San Antonio, TX; Keesler AFB in Biloxi, MS; and Shaw AFB in Sumter, SC.


How It Works

  • You can download the app from Apple Store or Google Apps. It is user friendly. See the pics below:



  • The second photo, the main feed, shows the Runs currently taking place in your area.
  • If you want to make a request that isn’t currently happening, you can click the orange, “Make a Request” button in the top left.
  • This opens up the third photo you see above, which displays your options for restaurants, grocery stores, etc. I decided to order Raising Cane’s Chicken Fingers.
  • Once you select the restaurant, a Runner will pick up your request, and then you can order!
  • Once you select your food or items, you’ll pay for your food, and a small delivery fee and join the yum! (see pic below)



  • Once your Runner places the order, it will initiate a direct message chatroom with you and the Runner to ensure that your order is accurate, and that you’re updated along the way. I placed my order to be delivered at 4:00 pm and she arrived at my house at 3:45 pm. She was friendly, and the order was exactly how I placed it.




I am looking forward to more orders using JoyRun and probably soon I am going to order groceries. Download JoyRun here, and if you use JoyRun, share your experience, I’d like to know! In the meantime I am going to enjoy my Raising Cane’s that’s waiting for me at my desk.



You can find Joy Run on Instagram ,Facebook , Twitter and at www.joyrun.com.

Give them a follow to stay up to date. While I got compensated for this partnership, all opinions are my own.

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