How to make the best Fall Charcuterie Board


Fall is my favorite time of the year. The leaves changing colors and all things pumpkin and apple. This year the holidays will be a little different. I am making a small dinner since it’s just the four of us. Every year I make a Charcuterie board. This year I have been making grazing boards and I am loving all the different fruits, cheeses, meats, and crackers that I have found in my search. Here I am going to share how to make the best Fall charcuterie board.

How to make the best Fall Charcuterie Board

Since we are still at home due to the pandemic and I don’t feel comfortable eating at a restaurant yet, I have been making charcuterie boards at home. You can check out the other ones I made here.

I am always looking for new cheeses and what better place than Trader Joe’s to get quality meat and cheeses at a great price. For this board everything I used was purchased at TJ’s.

Trade Joe’s have the best selection in my opinion when it comes to meat and cheeses. When I lived in Texas. Aldi use to be my go to for charcuterie boards. Usually with 25 dollars I would be able to make 2 boards.

How to make the best Fall Charcuterie Board

How to make this Easy Holiday Charcuterie Board

This board comes together pretty easy and you can use any ingredients that you’d like. My board will give you an idea on how to make it.

Here is what you will need to make this beautiful and easy holiday charcuterie board:

Cured Meats – You have so many options for meats, for this board I used: Salami, Prosciutto and Capicola and Capicola.

Cheeses – picking the cheese is my favorite. Trader Joe’s has a great variety and always have seasonal and new cheese. For this board I used a Tricolor Spicy Kaas ( this one IS spicy so you can skip or get a different one), Beehive Cheese infused with Bourbon ( this one reminded me of Pecorino Romano, the bourbon taste does not take over the cheese), a Trio of Manchego, Iberico and Cabra al vino cheeses and Extra Creamy Brie.

Crackers – This one is based on your preference. Some prefer plain crackers others prefer ones with particular flavors. I am the latter. For this board I used, Pistachio Pomegranate Crackers. Also included Cranberry biscotti.

Fruit/Nuts – You can add fresh or dried fruits. I always add a combinations of both. I used dried persimmons, dried apricots, candied pecans, pumpkin seeds

Jam/Honey – I love adding honey and Jams. On this one I used Fig butter. I have used Spicy Jams they go well with the soft cheeses.

Salty/Misc – Gherkins are one of my favorites to add to the board. While I am not a fan of Olives, I’ve added Truffle cheese stuffed olives for my husband in the past. You can also include carrots, mini cucumbers, celery and broccoli.

How to make the best Fall Charcuterie Board

Assembling the board

I shared in my Instagram how you can put the board together. You can find the video here. However, I will explain how to assemble it.

– Any board that you have would work. The board the I used is from the Hearth and Hand from Magnolia. You can find it at Target here.

– Pour the honey and fig in small mason jars. Like these ones here. You can also use the mini masons for the gherkins. Then Place them in the board, spacing them out.

– Separate you meats and fold your salami in fours making it ruffle. Start adding the meats aroud the mini mason jars.

– Use a cookie cutter to cut the brie into a leaf or pumpkin shape. This adds a cute touch of detail to your board. Place in middle on top of the pumping seeds.

– Add the cheeses around the board.

– Place crackers in between the cheeses and meats

– Fill In the empty spaces around the board with the fruits and nuts.

– Add the cheese knives, honey wand and forks.

Now you are ready to enjoy your board. You can pair the cheese with your favorite wines. I tend to go with wines on the dry side like Prosecco, Cava or Rosé.

What is your favorite thing to add to your board??

How to make the best Fall Charcuterie Board

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Happy Cooking!


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