Sweet and Savory Date Night Charcuterie Board

Valentine’s day is around the corner. Since we are still staying home you can make this Sweet and Savory Date Night Charcuterie Board it is fun and an interactive way to celebrate with your love ones! or on any date night! You can check this holiday charcuterie here and also this Halloween board here.

Sweet and Savory Date Night Charcuterie Board

What to add to the Board?

This is a great Valentine’s day or Date night idea. It is interactive. It is something fun to do with your partner even with the kids. Trader Joe’s or Aldi are my favorite places to get everything I need and you can make a board for about 30 dollars and it will feed about 4-6 people.

Let’s start with cheese – I always like a soft and creamy cheese like Brie. I also like to include goat cheese, the one I used here has blackberry and vanilla flavors added to it. A trio of cheeses from Trader Joe’s is a great addition. A semi soft like Gouda. Lastly a firm cheese like Asiago or Manchego. Here I used an herb Asiago. You can always add Blue cheese or Gorgonzola.

Cured Meats – My trio is always prosciutto, capicola, and hard salami. You can also use pepperoni, Jamón ibérico or Soppressata. You can always omit the cured meats if that is your preference.

Fruits – Because I wanted to keep everything Valentine’s themed, I used raspberries, craisins and strawberries.

Crackers/Cookies – La Panzanella are my got to in my boards. Here I also used Trader Joe’s Beet crackers, they are delicious! Also added white merengues.

Candy – This is the best part! There can’t be a Valentine’s board without candy! I used Dove hearts, Kit Kat Raspberry Cream, Reese’s Hearts, Pink and red M&M’s, and Pocky.

Sauces/Jams – Since I used candy, I limited the additional amount of sweet added. I used honey. For other boards I have used Fig butter and berry jam.

Sweet and Savory Date Night Charcuterie Board

Putting together the board.

Put the brie cheese in the freezer for about 10 minutes or until firm. While the cheese freezes, start by making the salami rose. Cut the salami in half, align in rows and roll.

Then cut the salami into heart shapes with a cookie cutter. Place in the center of the board.

Pour candy in two ramekins. Here is used two heart shaped ramekins I found at Target.

Add the trio of cheese and goat cheese.

Sweet and Savory Date Night Charcuterie Board
use cookie a cutter to cut heart shaped salami.


Take the brie out of the freezer and with a heart shaped cookie cutter, cut into the cheese. You can use different size cookie cutters. Place the cheese on the board towards the edge.

Sweet and Savory Date Night Charcuterie Board

Add the fruits and the honey ramekin.

Start filling the empty spaces with crackers, merengues and the rest of the meats.

Top with Dove candy and merengues

Add the Pocky and any other candy that you like.

Sweet and Savory Date Night Charcuterie Board

Pro Tips:

Bring the cheeses to room temperature. Except for any soft cheeses if you wan to use a cookie cutter.

Cut the fruit and vegetables beforehand.

Line the board with parchment paper. It makes for easy clean up later.

You can use different type of mini bowls, mason jars or ramekins.

You can pair this Sweet and Savory Date Night Charcuterie Board with this Blood Orange Margarita or this Easy Watermelon Margarita.

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Happy Date night!!

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